About Us

A Soft Idea (ASI) is a small business of four women, started by Claudia Vargish. Claudia has designed for major establishments such as Talbots, Macy's, and Godiva. She created ASI, however, because she enjoys working closely with consumers and tailoring her products to their specific needs. Claudia is a proud mother of two driven and creative young women, and her goods are largely inspired by them. 
Beatrice is the  CFO of A Soft Idea and a true numbers queen. She delights in all the algebra and calculus the rest of us forgot a long time ago. Beatrice hails from Belgium originally, but has lived in the USA for thirty plus years. She now happily goes by Grandma to one spunky little boy. Tatiene is the Head of the Warehouse. At a young age, she moved from Brazil to the USA. Now, she is raising two children. Tatiene is a master of organization and accessorizing. Alexandra (Alex) is the fourth member of the ASI team. She manages social media and marketing. Alex was drawn to ASI's bright colors and dedication to comfort.
Here at ASI, our passion and mission is to help you relax. We know that life can be hectic; that work and family and school can rule the day, perhaps leaving your head spinning. (We also know that moms, while grateful for the love and joys of parenting, especially need alone time.) And while self care is more than a warm cup of tea, a good book, and a cozy blanket, we don't underestimate the little things. Everything we make is true to our name: it's soft! We want you to feel like you're swaddled in a cloud. Texture is everything to us. 
Honestly, we're idealistic as well. We believe that the right blanket or sweater can usher in magic. It can help you pass out on the couch when needed, or it can be one of many markers of a great family event. Maybe you're outside at a bonfire - wrapped in blankets, or maybe it's a movie night! We also believe that for kids, blankies can aid in feelings of security and safety, as well as adventure.
With our custom monogramming and wide variety of color choice, we can tailor our products to your personality and needs. Want initials? On it. Want an image of a man yodeling? We'll make that too. We're sophisticated and classy, able to add fine touches to your recently remodeled living room, but we don't forget to have fun. And we're known for high quality at attractive prices.
Our domestic products are made from the finest cottons, chenilles and imported novelty yarns. Imports enable us to include Italian and Spanish blends, a rainbow of well-priced cotton blends, and a selection of fringed microfiber wovens.
We also source products for the hospitality industry. These include pillow covers in solids, prints and embroideries; as well as specialized bed throws in faux fur, poly/silk pleats, mattelasse, cotton knits, wovens and bamboo.